We are extremely proud of our students of grade VI to VII who have designed an automatically controlled ‘Smart Bin‘ as their first think lab project . They have converted a normal bin into a ‘Smart Bin‘ using object detection sensor and servo motor.

The object detection sensor placed in front of the bin enables the lid of thebin to automatically open when a person comes within a 20 cm distance range. After putting the garbage the lid automatically closes after 5 seconds. 
To design the project students interfaced Object Detection sensor with Arduino and used this sensor to calculate the distance of any obstacle and generate alarms at a set distance.
They then interfaced Servo motor with Arduino and covers to control servo motors at different angles. Out of curiosity they also made human structure and controlled the arms of the structure with servo motor.

Finally they combined Object Detection sensor and Servo motor and interfaced them with Arduino. This helped to control the servo motor’s movement by object detection sensor. They used this technique to design their first project ‘Smart bins’.

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