At Dikshant, we give a lot of importance to the smooth transition of our students from primary to the middle school. This transition is particularly significant as this is the time when children get ready to step into their adolescence phase and at the same time come across the major changes in the curriculum. The handling of these changes can be at times challenging for children as well as their families.

To ensure that children get adequate support from all of us during their transition process, a session ‘What helps and hinders a successful transition’ was organised for parents of grade V. The discussion revolved around helping children to handle the changes that take place in the curriculum from primary to middle school, the future impact of the development programs that start at school from grade VI onwards and preparing for adolescence

Dr. Reena Goyal, an adolescent health specialist gave some tips to parents to get ready for the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and behavioural changes which start when children enter age 11.