Laptop Classes

New notebooks in form of laptops for students of Dikshant School

“We aim at creating a challenging and learning environment for the students, while paving the way for other schools to emulate,” Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Dikshant International School.

Dikshant International School, Zirakpur, pioneered the concept of One-on-one Laptop in the country. The program was started in the year 2008 with an aim to make education an interactive process and to give right technological exposure to the students and help them become an active participant in their education.

Once a week all subjects are taught through laptops and students are exposed to the digital world of learning… While designing the task for laptop classes, keeping the level (primary/secondary) of students in mind, the teacher can take a pick from a variety of digital offerings like e-books, animations, virtual experiments, tutorials, interactive games, dynamic question banks and online courseware. These activities are further used for assessments for FAs.