Kiran Nagarkar Library


The Kiran Nagarkar library is set up in an area of around 7000 square feet is open is open to the community both as a physical and a virtual space. It has a well updated physical collection of 10000 books, 5000 CDs and DVDs. Keeping pace with the new technology and digitalized way of instruction, the new library provides users with remote access to over 5000 e-books and 50 e-journals. Quiet reading and study areas are there for those who need it, the library will also be used as a cultural and social space where people can come together to watch theatre and film screenings, or take part in workshops, seminars, meetings, author talks.

Kiran-nagarkarThe library has been created as a space where readers can browse, smell, read and fall in love with books. The children’s section is aimed at bringing children closer to books because we believe that it is the most effective way to elevate their critical thinking abilities and imagination.

The library is aesthetically designed with the printed window blinds of images of some of the most prominent Nobel Laureates in Literature. Through the library the concept of the Athenaeum is being promoted, as the word suggests an environment that promotes learning in its largest sense and it is not limited to just printed and digital media as it may unintentionally be understood by a portion of the potential patronage. The Athenaeum concept also supports a much wider understanding of a space used for all purposes that unite knowledge and the community with both intellectual and social dimensions, a place for cultural and community exchanges as much as scholarly discourse.