Grade XII students of Dikshant International School, have performed outstandingly well in AISSCE held by CBSE in the academic session 2016-17. Out of 31 students who appeared for CBSE examination this year, 18 students have scored more than 70% marks. More than 60% of the students have scored above 80% . School toppers are Jagpreet Singh who tops the batch, followed by Jhahvi (92%0 and Dharna (90.2%). Jagpreet and Jhanhvi are PCM and PCB toppers of school with 95.3% score each.  Saransh Chhabra has topped Commerce stream with 88% aggregate. Humanities stream topper, Abhishek has also scored an aggregate score of 88%.

All subjectwise toppers have scored exceedingly well. Saransh has topped in Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy with 98, 95 and 87 respectively ; English topper is Madhav Puri with 94%. Jagpreet, Jhanhvi and Naman scored highest (95/100) in Physics. In Chemistry also, 3 students Jagpreet, Jhanhvi, Saurav scored 95 out 100. In Biology, Jhanhvi is the school topper with 96%. Abhishek scored highest (92/100) in Political Science. He also scored highest in Painting (95/100). Physical Education topper, Jagpreet has scored 94%.

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