Aims & Objective


To develop the whole person and thus prepare its students to contribute effectively to the modern world by fostering the talents and aspirations of every girl and boy and to encourage them to achieve their full potential through the provision of a wide range of educational opportunities in intellectual, recreational (cultural/physical) and moral endeavour within the school environment.


  • To develop intellectual skills, knowledge, understanding and a pride in achievement, through stimulating teaching suited to the various levels of ability in the school, challenging and appropriate courses of study and effective forms of assessment;
  • To develop recreational and inter-personal skills, an appreciation of physical and cultural well-being, and the realisation of self-esteem, through the provision of appropriate resources and activities, enthusiastic teaching and a climate of adventure;
  • To develop sound and independent moral judgement, spiritual awareness, self-discipline, qualities of leadership and a sense of social responsibility, built on a knowledge of oneself, a sensitivity to all other individuals, an understanding of a community based on cultural diversity
    and an appreciation of physical surroundings, through firm and sympathetic pastoral care, the concept and practice of trust and service and a secure, compassionate environment.